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What Makes A Silverback Gorilla Special?

What Makes A Silverback Gorilla Special?

Have you ever thought of going for an Africa safari just to enjoy a Uganda gorilla tour or gorilla trekking safari in Uganda? Uganda gorilla safaris or Short Uganda gorilla safaris are one of the most sought Africa safaris as well as Uganda safari activities are done by tourists on vacations or short Uganda wildlife safari holidays. For those who have embarked on a Gorilla safari tour in Africa or even many who have bothered to research about these gentle primates, you must have heard of people or writers refer to a giant male mountain gorilla as a “Silver-back”, don’t you wonder why its called a silver-back?

With its assorted landscapes, natural beauty, warm and inviting people, Uganda is one of the best Africa safari gems. If you want to see this for yourself, it is wise that you undertake a Uganda safari or Uganda tour so you discover the country’s many wonders, from sparkling lakes to its legendary wildlife that won’t let you go without a Uganda wildlife safari or Uganda wildlife tour. Still, on your safari in Uganda, you can venture into the jungle to spot chimpanzees on your chimpanzee trekking safari Uganda and mountain gorillas in their native habitat on your Uganda gorilla safari, as well as learn about conservation of these remarkable species. You can also explore Uganda’s turbulent history and modern-day culture on your Uganda cultural safari tour, and experience its colorful traditions on firsthand.

Looking forward to having a Uganda gorilla trekking safari? A Uganda safari will expose you to the best gorilla trekking tour Uganda destinations; Bwindi Impenetrable National Park Uganda & Mgahinga Gorilla National Park Uganda. During your gorilla trekking safari in Uganda, you will be assigned a gorilla family to trek in a group of 8. Each gorilla family in the wild is dominated by a silverback mountain gorilla. A silverback mountain gorilla is an adult male and in most cases, each family has a silverback that protects the family.

A Glance About Silverback Gorillas

Silver-backs are male gorillas found in a gorilla family. But why is it called a silver-back? A silver-back is called so because of the silver hair found in a grown male gorilla’s back. The silver hair helps distinguish aged male gorillas from the alpha males. The silver hair clearly shows that the gorilla is grown. Gorillas live in groups called families and a gorilla family normally has one silverware and it is the leader of the family. The gorilla families normally comprise of 10 – 40 members with a clearly defined social structure and play very many roles in the day-to-day life of a Gorilla family they are heading.

These giant adult male mountain Gorillas derive their name “Silver-back” from their silver saddle of hair on their backs. Generally, mountain Gorillas have a well-built body, with a broad chest, long, muscular arms and wide feet and hands and their arms are seen to be longer than their legs. The dominant alpha is always there to protect and overlook all the activities of the entire group, they are the decision-makers, they mediate conflicts, determine the movement of the group, and serve as mentors and protectors of the attire family especially the young and this increases their chances of survival during childhood. Because mountain Gorillas are nomads, the dominant alpha leads his group and takes charge of making decisions on where they settle and where they find food. The silverback is always there to protect his family from various threats, whether from human beings or other wildlife. They are very huge and can easily scare away any threat by drumming on their chests and stamping their feet.

A silverback mountain gorilla stands watch in Rwanda when on a Rwanda gorilla safari, in Uganda during a gorilla safari in Uganda and in Congo during a Congo gorilla safari. All male mountain gorillas that live long enough turn grey, but not all become dominant. Male gorillas develop a silvery hair on their backs when they reach sexual maturity and it’s the hair that defines the maturity of these males. This silver fur on a male gorilla that you will see during your Uganda gorilla trekking tour, Rwanda gorilla trekking tour or Congo gorilla trekking tour is for display, and this communicates to other gorillas that they are adult males. There are many other species that have equivalent markers performing this function including humans, for example, facial hair in male humans, or manes in male lions.

As you will witness on your Uganda gorilla tour, Rwanda gorilla tour, and Congo gorilla tour, a typical gorilla family consists of a dominant silverback male, sometimes other silverbacks which support the dominant male, adult females, younger blackback males, juveniles and infants. The dominant silverback plays an important role in keeping the group together, as well as protecting it from the rivals.

In some species, the color symbolizes ranking foe example male monkeys with the most brightly colored faces and hindquarters dominate, while lionesses can be more attracted to lions with dark manes.

Why Does Their Grey Hair Confer Status?

Male gorillas are referred to as black backs until they are about 12 years old; an age they develop the silver hair on their backs. This certifies argument that progression to a leadership role in animals literary depends on genetics, which female is raising the young male, and if that male survives to be a dominant male of the group,” Moore explains.

Unlike the funny grey, humans grow, a silverback’s silver comes in as a very strong, uniform color that makes them really outstanding. I doubt grey hair is an advantage to humans, as, by the time their hair turns greys, many are already out of the prime reproductive age. To be honest, many humans feel bad when they get grey hair yet grey hair is a silverback’s pride in the jungle as witnessed by a number of travelers on a Uganda gorilla tour, Uganda gorilla safaris, on a gorilla tour Uganda, gorilla safari in Uganda, gorilla trekking safari Uganda or just a gorilla safari Uganda.

Humans ought to note that not all things that happen to the bodies or cells are evolutionarily productive in humans, adding that grey hair represents the wear and tear of a long life. Some other species that go grey as they age include chimpanzees and domestic dogs. These critically endangered mountain Gorillas inhabit high in the mountains of protected parks and have been habituated for visitors interested in Gorilla trekking safaris and some of these game parks include Bwindi Impenetrable National Park and Mgahinga Gorilla National Park in Uganda, Volcanoes National Park of Rwanda and the Virunga National Park of the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Uganda gorilla safaris expose you to these gorillas in their natural habitat. After your adventurous gorilla tour Uganda, you can engage in a wildlife safari in Uganda in any of the National Parks including Queen Elizabeth National Park, Murchison Falls National Park, Kidepo National Park or go for a Uganda bird watching safari tour. If you are time-limited, you can enjoy a Kampala city tour, Kampala day excursion, Jinja city tour or just a Jinja day trip.


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