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How To Plan For A Gorilla Trekking Safari In Bwindi

A Uganda gorilla trekking safari isn’t just a mere safari, most probably not a one-day tour. There’s need for prior planning and this is why this article is here to give you all the tips

Bwindi impenetrable national park is known to be home to the biggest number of the world’s remaining mountain gorillas (more than 50%).  Mountain gorillas live in the African tropical rainforest. Bwindi impenetrable forest has an altitude of about 8000–13,000ft (1,500m-4000m above sea level).

The other mountain gorillas are found in Rwanda’s Volcanoes national park and Virunga national park in the Democratic republic of Congo. The three countries are close and the gorillas are transboundary within what is known as the Virunga massif.

There two options for a gorilla safari in Uganda, it can either be a one-hour gorilla trekking safari or a 4 hours gorilla habituation experience.

Prior Planning For A Uganda Gorilla Trekking Safari

To have a gorilla trekking experience, a tourist needs to book a gorilla trekking permit which costs $600 in Uganda. These permits are booked prior the gorilla trekking activity, it’s advisable to book your permit at least 6 months before the actual safari.

Booking for a gorilla trekking safari is best done by a local tour operator. If there’s a personal plan of booking the permit in Uganda a tourist can go to Uganda Wildlife Authority prior the Uganda gorilla safari. Make sure to pick the permit before going for trekking because it will be required before you go for the activity.

The height of the gorilla habitats should not scare away either the elderly or un fit tourists from enjoying Uganda gorilla trekking tours, since porters and trekking sticks can be hired from the start off trek point.

Book your safari accommodation hotel or lodge prior to the safari. Safari accommodation caters for all tourist budgets ranging from Luxury/up-market, mid-range to budget/basic accommodation.

What To Wear For A Gorilla Trekking Safari In Bwindi

Wear light neutral colored safari clothing long sleeve clothing from shirts to trousers are the best option for protection from thorns, insects, soldier ants and anything that could affect your skin.

Carry a rain jacket for the altitude, remember your trekking in a tropical rain forest.

Wear leather or gardening gloves for hand protection. As you trek up hill, there could be need to hold on stems and to avoid the discomfort of nettles pricking your hands, the gloves help out.

A large brim hat for sun protection from the scotching sun and protection from anything that would fall from the branches.

A Guide On What To Wear

Extra clothing to pack for after gorilla trekking activities

Carry along casual clothing like long light trousers, shorts and short sleeve shirts for the men and a dress or jeans for ladies. In the evening you could decide to sit at the hotel fire place or have time with other tourists.

Carry a light sweater, at the foothills of the mountain its cold.

For comfort after the trek, carry light casual shoes for the evening, 1 pair is enough.

Shoes To Carry For A Gorilla Trekking Safari

Water proof quality lightweight hiking boots as well as a pair of gaiters or heavy stockings are recommendable. When trekking you can tuck your trouser in to your socks to avoid anything from getting in to your trouser.

Hiking boots give good ankle support, grip, stability and balance as you trek up the forest.

When something is rare and you take time to encounter it then you join the few extra-ordinary travelers. Take time to meet the mountain gorillas and have an unexpected experience that you alone can tell us.


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