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Africa Safari Tours

Africa Safari Tours, Best Vacation Holiday destinations in 2019/20

Gorilla trekking in bwindi forest park uganda

Africa Safari Tours, Best Vacation Holiday destinations in 2019/20, Africa Safari Tours feature both Single country destinations and combined country tours. Therefore, it is always easy to do Mountain Gorilla trekking in Uganda, Rwanda or Congo and view the Great Migration in Kenya and Tanzania. Uganda Safaris Tour, Tanzania Safari Holiday Tour, Rwanda Gorilla Safari Tour, Kenya Safari Holiday Tour, Congo Gorilla Safari Tours, Uganda Gorilla Safari Holidays Tour, Uganda Birding Safaris Tour, Uganda Safari, Uganda Tour, Uganda Safaris, Kenya Safaris, Tanzania Safaris, Congo Safaris, Rwanda Gorilla Safari.

African Safari Tours presents the opportunity to explore the vast wilderness of Africa whose fame has held the mantle since ancient times. The first geological explorers shunned the notion that Africa was a complete Dark Continent and that nothing of geological importance has ever taken place.

For all along, the geological scientists had never expected Africa’s topographic riches as they had always considered it geologically barren and as simply an ancient and inert plateau of schist and gneiss.  The famous Sir Roderick Murchison whose Uganda Safari waterfalls of Murchison is named after had himself declared the Sub Saharan Africa as a landmass of great Simplicity and Antiquity of which nothing of geological significance had occurred for millions upon millions of years.  Even in the middle times around 1891, Africa was still not believed to hold anything for geography as evidenced in the words of Professor Henry Drummond who noted that there is nothing new in Africa, no unknown force at work, no rock strange to the petrographer, no pause in denudation, no formation, texture or structure to put the law of continuity to confusion.

But fortunately, this was all erased by the step of the first geologist in East Africa John Gregory just two years after Drummond’s remarks. If Drummond was embarrassed by Gregory’s revelations just two years later, Roderick Murchison was spared any blushes having to lie in his graben for full twenty years. The formation of the Great Rift Valley resulted in the formation of other great features including a range of lakes and Mountains in East Africa. The African Tour allows you to walk in the footsteps of ancient explorers and view these amazing wonders by yourself.

African continent is naturally endowed with majestic Rivers and streams, dense tropical forests, warm climate, great Mountains, undulating hills, extensive plains and gorges supporting countless species of fauna including the critically endangered Mountain Gorillas, the Eastern Lowland Gorillas, Chimpanzees, Great African Wild game like the Big five that have been at the centre of Africa Safari tours for last century and many others.