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Mountain Gorilla Habituation In Bwindi Impenetrable Forest

Gorilla Habituation Experience In Bwindi

If you want to be in the presence of Mountain Gorillas and learn more about them, the Mountain Gorilla Habituation experience, beyond the Basics, is for you.

Gorilla Habituation is a niche Uganda safari activity, not meant for everyone. This particular activity is hands-on, instead of being an observer. It is only in Uganda that you can be with a Mountain Gorilla Family for 4 hours on a Gorilla Habituation Experience.

Whoever wants to be part of this experiential venture must travel to the Rushaga sector south of Bwindi impenetrable forest national park. Presently, two gorilla families; Bikyingi and Bushaho are undergoing habituation.

What Is Mountain Gorilla Habituation?

Gorilla Habituation is all about getting Gorillas used to humans. Habituating gorillas involves different groups of people including researchers, conservationists, trackers, and rangers who take a period of about 2 to 3 years completing the habituation process.

Most travellers see mountain gorilla habituation experience as more time with a Gorilla Family; that it is. Still, it is way beyond a more extended Gorilla Trek.

It is an experience that, if more realized, is the closest to Gorillas in the mist experience of Dian Fossey. During the habituation experience, the Gorillas will provide enough surprises that will delight you.

Also, your presence makes you a participant in the habituation process where the Gentle Giants become used to the presence of humans. You learn more about Gorillas during the Gorilla Habituation Experience than on a regular Trek.

There are only 4 permits per day for those that are interested in the activity. Use only Uganda tour companies that are members of the Association of Uganda Tour Operators such as Prime Uganda Safaris.

Only such have access to the most significant number of permits, can quickly check for permit availability, and know what the Habituation is about. Lastly, a Gorilla Habituation like a Gorilla trek is no walk in the zoo, nothing is predictable, it is an adventure, and each is different.

How Much Is The Gorilla Habituation Experience In Bwindi?

Visitor categoryPermit fees
Foreign non-residentsUS$ 1500
Foreign residentsUS$ 1000
East African citizenUS$ 750,000


This unique activity raises the cost of your Uganda gorilla safari, but values-wise you get a lot more in return; 4- Hours with a Gorilla Family, fewer participants, and a more significant learning experience is what you get.

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